UPDATED DATA : June 17, 2020, 2:51 am

Responsible Gambling

I have never known a gambler who is so clumsy when it comes to betting.

Gamblers galore, here and there. But what makes a good gambler THAT good, anyway?

Can we spot one by looks alone? No. Does he or she appear like everyone else we see every day? Yes.

A good gambler knows how to roll his or her bank, not just for the heck of it. Well, some may do, and it works for them that way. However, an expert gambler sure knows when to quit.

Betting is not just all about... blurting out random numbers just to let our opponents know how smart we appear. On this we should exercise caution, for over confidence is any person's major downfall.

Taking advice from the professional help. Not all gamblers have the same method in their day-today activities on the tables. So, it is always best if one should take the time and effort to observe, and learn.

That itself is always tried and tested. No book about being an expert on some such can tell us directly HOW to win in a snap. It is not like that all, so we should always watch out.

And this is true of all gamblers, because they learned it the hard way. Most gamblers have experienced losing a whole lot -- to the point that they got themselves in debt, and whatever saved them from such rut, now they know so much to avoid ANY big loss.

On some instances, some gamble as their personal business. Safekeeping and extreme caution when it comes to money, yes. Accumulating whole of it, and investing only a part of it. Wise move, indeed.

Some tend to lose it when the going gets tough. Sadly though, these are compulsive gamblers that cannot ever take control of gambling.

No matter how hard they try, they still lose. Why? Because of utter desperation, and that kind of mind setting causes an individual to gather the unpleasant kind of vibe that will surely influence his or her whole being.

A gambler feeling despondent over such loss is a sad sight in any gambling houses. The once oh-so-merry dashing young man, with his cash always ready for the big show -- has turned into an old, withered man.

Because he simply lost it. All of it.

Realization hits us when something tells us to go on, or just stop. This we all know in general, and gambling isn't an exception to life's harsh games.

On the other hand, established gambling helps people as well. Like casinos, there are jobs to apply for, and it keeps us alive in two ways: Not only we live for entertainment; we live to be responsible citizens, too.

A lesson learned will be a dollar earned, in the future.