UPDATED DATA : June 17, 2020, 2:51 am

Casino Security In Todays Age

Casino security is no laughing matter. Many players have been victimized by unscrupulous people that have gone in the casino and victimized other people.

Not everyone is honest but a large majority of people are basically good, This means that not everyone is out to make a killing or theft of ones belongings.

The casino environment is a place that invites dishonest people. Lets face it, when a place full of people have loads to cash to spend doesn't catch a thieves attention, what will? The casinos are a breeding ground for many thieves because they see all players as a means to get quick money.

In every casino there is a team of security personnel that do their part to make sure that patrons don't have any problems and can play with confidence. Although the casino takes pains to use closed circuit computer cameras, crimes still happen.

Despite the best security measures that any business establishment, went would make, one still has to practice their personal security so as to protect themselves.

Being in a casino does not mean that one is automatically secure. All it means is that one is being watched but no absolute guarantee on personal safety. Here are a few tips that can help any casino player be safe:

Be aware where the bills are stuck

Many players have the tendency to place their bills in the bill receptor and assume that the machine would take it. While this is true some machines may reject the bill for many reasons. It may be that the bill does not reach the required minimum amount, the bill is so dirty or worn out that the number cannot be read, the machine is faulty, or the bill was entered incorrectly.

Players tend to stick their bills in quickly and if one does not pay attention, the person in the next machine may just pick up the bill that was ejected and might have pocketed it. One has to make sure that the amount entered in the bill receptor is the one that has correctly registered the correct amount or else it would not be credited.

Be careful of ones wallet

Gamblers have the tendency to quickly pull out their wallets to place new chips when the game suddenly turn good for them. most gamblers are so caught up in their sudden opportunities that they tend to forget where they have misplaced their wallets after making the bet. One is Advised not to leave any personal belongings round for anyone to be tempted.

Anyone is welcome in the casino but for someone to be careless is another thing. Players should be aware that their own safety cannot only rest within ones security group but in ones own awareness.